Episode 281 – Snacks on a Plane

If you’re flying with Samuel L. Jackson you might be concerned about snakes on your plane. If you’re not, and you are trying to hit or maintain health and fitness goals, you might be more concerned about the snacks on your plane (although you wouldn’t be unconcerned about the snakes). It’s summer vacation season again and although vacations are usually wonderful, they can also lead to regret and shame about over-indulging or even lead to giving up entirely. Catherine and Donald have both been through it too and this week the couple give tips and advice on how to handle health and fitness goals when a vacation takes you out of your comfort zone. Plus, Catherine asks you to single down instead of double down, Donald makes hotels bring him all the appliances, and would it even be an episode of We Only Look Thin if they didn’t talk about Samuel L. Jackson again?

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