Episode 293 – Courting Disaster

If you’re like most people, you sometimes think of yourself as a spy agency and you sometimes think of your health and fitness plans as top secret documents. Every time you try and lose weight or “get into shape”, those documents seem to fall into enemy hands. It’s almost as if you have a mole in your agency. What if, in a shocking twist, the mole is you? Inspired by an article written by Steve Scott on happierhuman.com, Catherine and Donald walk you through six things you might be saying that indicate you’re sabotaging yourself and how to move past your sabotage towards your goals. You do deserve it and you can accomplish difficult tasks. Plus, Catherine wishes for murderous hummingbirds, Donald blames the Bowflex, and the couple pretend they’re not deranged.

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10 Signs You’re Engaging in Self Sabotaging Behavior by Steve Scott

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

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