Episode 305 – The Seven Year Itch

We’ve all at one time or another wished that the Power of Greyskull was real. That we could call upon it and instantly transform into She-Ra or He-Man (plus, who doesn’t want a Battle Cat?). Sadly, the Power of Greyskull may not be real, but the power of suggestion is. When we hear that we can’t do something, or see statistics indicating that most people fail, it influences our abilities to succeed. This week, Catherine and Donald talk about the “Honeymoon Phase” of a health Jourventure and how to get yourself to believe that you’re in it for the long haul. Plus, Catherine uses food coloring as a loophole, Donald hopes to never meet a child, and the couple pass a conch shell back and forth.

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Is the 7-Year Itch a Myth or Reality?

The Power of Suggestion: What We Expect Influences Our Behavior, for Better or Worse

4 Ways the Power of Suggestion Can Change Your Life

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