Episode 321 – Habit Elementary – Part 1

When you hear the word “pyramid”, you might think about how King Tut got so funky or that food chart they taught us about in school or maybe those schemes you know you should stay away from.   If you’re Catherine and Donald, you think about all of thsoe things, but you also think about Maslow’s hierachy of needs.  We Only Look Thin has taken the theory from psychology and made it about weight loss and fitness.  This week, the couple talk about what to do when you’re at the very bottom.  How can you find your footing in terms of mindset, food, and movement?  Listen to find out.  Plus, Donald starts a heavy metal band, Catherine takes other people’s dogs for walks, and the couple advises you NOT to save your drama for your mama.

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Harvard Study on Mindset and Exercise

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