Episode 327 – Tricked by the AARP – Part 1

What if we told you that there were ten habits that could change your life forever?  What if we further told you that the habits came from the AARP?  Then, what if we told you that we were only going to tell you about five of them this week?    Based on an article on thegirlfriend.com from the AARP by Katie Smith, Catherine and Donald dive into habits that you might want to adopt to achieve your health and fitness goals as well as improve your life in general.  Will you become more protective of your sleep, move your body more, let people do what they want to do or try one of the others?  We can’t wait to find out.  Plus, Catherine photographs her way out of her marriage, Donald rides like the wind, and We Only Look Thin is super cool beans.

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10 Habits That Changed My Life Forever by Katie Smith

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