Episode 288 – Better Living Through Boundaries – Part 1

We’ve all heard the old expression that “good fences make good neighbors”, but could good fences also help you reach your goal weight?  They can if they are metaphorical fences, also known as personal boundaries.  No matter who you are, food pushers, unwanted opinions, and drains on your time are going try and pull you away from your health and fitness goals.  This week, Catherine and Donald present part one of a two-part episode focusing on why boundaries are important and how to establish them.  We think that we just need the right recipe and the right motivation, but so much of why we were eating was because we weren’t sharing what we needed with others.  Plus, Donald knows how to electricity, Catherine asks for more vim and vigor, and it turns out that the biggest ingredient is the friendships we made along the way.

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What to know about setting boundaries By Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito

8 Tips on Setting Boundaries for Your Mental Health By Mary Jane Coppock
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Manage Conflict: Identifying Your Triggers by Ellie Lisitsa of The Gottman Institute

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