Episode 333 – Thinside Job – Part 3

If Schoolhouse Rock taught me anything, it’s that three is the magic number.  And if that’s true then Episode 333 must be triple magic! AND, it’s part three of our series on Logic Loopholes.  Is that too many threes in one episode?  Have Catherine and Donald gone too far this time?  Listen and find out!  This week, the couple explore the final three (another three!) of Gretchen Rubin’s Logic Loopholes and add a few of their own.  These logic loopholes are essentially lies that we tell ourselves to “get out of” doing the things we say we want to do.  At We Only Look Thin, we show you how they relate to weight loss and fitness because that’s our game.  Recognizing that you’re fooling yourself is an important step in making habit change that lasts. Plus, Catherine has the fruit platter of her dreams, Donald makes a double nerd reference, and the couple bring back the fear of the rhombus.

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Gretchen Rubin’s 10 Logic Loopholes

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