Episode 206 – Silent Night, Breadly Night

You might think that the holidays stop people from having questions, but it turns out the holidays create even more questions for some.  Questions about navigating this festive time of year when trying to maintain health and fitness goals.  This week, Catherine and Donald open up their Facebook page to listener questions, and in the spirit of giving, the couple answer some of them.   Want some advice on how to handle food and body comments from relatives?  Interested in some ideas for non-food treats?  Wondering how to stick to your plan when you’re not in charge of the schedule or when you’re back in your childhood home?  Then you’ve found the right episode for you.  Plus, Catherine is into Sorority life, Donald’s parents love his blog, and racoons will gladly take your leftovers.

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Thriving During the Holidays: Setting Boundaries Around Body Talk By Ashley Rachal

How to Politely Handle Weight and Food Comments During the Holidays by Maggie Michalczyk

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