Episode 226 – Higher Satiety

Do you ever feel like a human yo-yo with all of your calorie counting ups and downs?  Do you feel like you can do anything in the morning and then feel like you can do nothing in the evenings?  Are you hitting your calorie goal, but feeling unsatisfied with your food choices?   Just when you think there are no more questions to ask yourself about it, Catherine and Donald come up with four more.   This week, the couple continue to help you, help yourself trouble shoot your daily food plan.  Plus, Catherine is a “bag of sugar vampire”, Donald sits down with a five pounder of C&H, and if you live somewhere else, Canada counts as international.

Join us Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 9 am PT (GMT – 7) to hear Catherine and other expert panelists discuss how to implement the Tiny Habits Method in Healthy Weight Loss! The event is FREE but you’ll need to register HERE to receive your official Zoom invitation.

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