Episode 254 – TIPpers Delight – Part 1

A trilogy can’t be a trilogy without the first part, and if you started with the second part, people would get confused.  With that in mind, We Only Look Thin presents part one of a series of “Sustainable Gentle Nutrition Tips” that you can incorporate into your weight loss and fitness plan.  Thanks to WOLT Place member Karla, Catherine and Donald received an article by Registered Dietitian, Abbey Sharp that inspired this series.  In the article, Abbey Sharp outlines weight loss lessons that can be learned from intuitive eating, even though that’s not usually what intuitive eating is about.   Most of the lessons line up with things that the couple have been saying on this very podcast for years.  This week, the first five tips include crushing hunger and dressing up your carbs.  Plus, Catherine says something super sciencey, Donald is a Wordle Jerk, and you learn that “Disneyland full” is different from “regular full”.

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Abbey Sharp – Registered Diatitian

Intuitive Eating Weight Loss? – Sustainable Gentle Nutrition Tips article:

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