Episode 256 – TIPpers Delight – Part 3

Everyone knows how important it is to stick the landing.  You can have an amazing routine that wows the crowd, but if you wobble on the dismount, it can cost you the gold. Well, I’m happy to report that even the Russian judge gives this episode a perfect 10!  This week, Catherine and Donald bring it home with the third and final part of their series of sustainable, gentle weight-loss tips based on an article by registered dietitian Abbey Sharp.  This week’s tips include prioritizing sleep and acknowledging your emotional eating patterns. Plus, Catherine’s corner-glaring is legendary, Donald heaps shamrocks on others, and the sale of big, fluffy robes goes up as soon as people are sad.

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Abbey Sharp – Registered Dietitian

Intuitive Eating Weight Loss? – Sustainable Gentle Nutrition Tips article:

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