Episode 280 – New Order

If you live your life based on Mountain Dew commercials or Monster Truck Shows, you probably try to take things to the extreme.  At We Only Look Thin, we’ve found that when it comes to health and fitness, finding the middle ground is what leads to real and sustainable change. Unfortunately, being reasonable doesn’t get people fired up.  Inspired by a question from a member of WOLT place, Catherine and Donald talk about sharpening your critical thinking skills when you are confronted by those who think any attempt to take agency in your weight is disordered.  Just because we’ve been burned by predatory companies and “get thin quick schemes” doesn’t mean that our health doesn’t matter.  It also doesn’t mean that we should throw up our hands and do nothing.  Knowing how your body responds to what you eat and how you move matters. Plus, Catherine goes on a journal-venture, Donald attempts to bribe Mayor McCheese, and Pandora’s Box might not have been so bad if it was single-serving sized.

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Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence

The Body Positivity Community Can Be Toxic Too, We Just Don’t Talk About It
By Ashlee Marie Preston

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