Episode 289 – Better Living Through Boundaries – Part 2

Now you’re getting the doggy bag episode! Inspired by an article by Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito, Catherine and Donald present part 2 on how setting personal boundaries can help you get to your goal weight and stay there. This week, they take a deep dive on how to get started with setting personal boundaries and how to stop eating as revenge when others cross them. Naming your limits and expressing them are just two pieces of the larger puzzle. Plus, Catherine takes part in a rumble, Donald hangs out with the slice crowd, and witness protection is the magic trick we hadn’t thought of.

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What to know about setting boundaries By Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito

8 Tips on Setting Boundaries for Your Mental Health By Mary Jane Coppock
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Manage Conflict: Identifying Your Triggers by Ellie Lisitsa of The Gottman Institute

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