Episode 244 – Your Own Personal Pizza

Have you ever heard that someone steps over dollars to pick up pennies? Have you ever wondered how many calories you could burn by stepping over dollars?

It’s surprisingly common for people to use “value” and “getting their money’s worth” as excuses for not hitting or maintaining their health and fitness goals. Buying the party size or the whole vegetable presents “more cost savings” than buying the smaller sized bags or the pre-prepared vegetable. But many times, we end up eating that party size in one sitting or letting that whole vegetable rot in the refrigerator because it would take too much work to prepare. Most often, it’s not money that’s standing in the way of our health and fitness goals, it’s time. This week, Catherine and Donald explore this theme and talk about ways in which you can change your mindset and figure out where the real value is. Plus, Donald is a notorious partier, Catherine wants to be friends with your cat, and the couple have plates and pineapple for days.

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