Episode 249 – Autumn’s Eleven

Some look at the calendar and see “Shocktober”. Others look and see “Rocktober”. While still others look and see plain old “October”.  Many of these same people decide that they haven’t made any progress on their health and fitness goals this year and figure that they may as well just wait until next year to get it together.  How has that strategy worked out in the past?  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about ways to navigate the rest of the year so that you don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole before January 1st.  The couple give their 11 favorite pieces of advice to get you through the remaining 11 weeks of 2022.  Plus, Catherine picks on poor Janice in Accounting, Donald may or may not have read 12 books this year, and we all try and figure out the plural of “Patronus”.

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