Episode 326 – Habit Elementary – Part 6

This is it! The final level! The boss battle! But wait, is that a mirror over there? It IS a mirror over there. Look at it. It turns out that the boss you are battling is in fact, yourself! Dun, dun, dun! If you’ve ever hit a goal weight or wished to hit a goal weight or wished that you wanted to hit a goal weight, this episode is for you. It’s time for maintenance, so now what? Have all your problems been solved? Can you go back to your old habits? What’s different and what’s the same? This week, Donald and Catherine tell you all about it and more. And spoiler alert, they leave the door open for a sequel or an epilogue or something. It’s gonna be great! Plus, Donald thinks that going to a party is terrifying, Catherine doesn’t use her crockpot, and the couple gives you the pointy end of mindset.

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